Therapy & Consultation for Therapists

How it Works

Therapists are some of my favorite clients. They constitute a significant portion of my practice. Therapy for therapists is as unique as each therapist. Some therapist clients focus on unresolved trauma. Others focus on the stresses of the profession. Still others use it as an hour of scheduled self-care, however they define it. Regardless of the objective, I provide a compassionate ear and direct feedback on the issues you bring each week.

Therapists often know what I am going to say before I say it. That’s no surprise: we share similar education and experience.

I often pose this question to therapist clients: “What’s the barrier to you taking the advice you so often give to others?” The answer to that question is often where we find the good stuff.

In addition to providing individual therapy for therapists, I also provide treatment and ethics consultation. I do not provide legal advice.