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brighter path.

Therapy to help you carry the weight of the world a bit lighter.

Your Brain Isn’t Broken.

Your brain isn’t broken–and it isn’t your enemy. It is your greatest asset. But we know it does not always feel that way. Our goal is to help you identify and build on your strengths, fill any gaps in your mental health toolbox, and increase the joy and contentment in your life.

You may be feeling

Overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions

Stuck in patterns that don't serve you

Anxious about, well, too many things to list

Ready to put in the work to move forward

Services at Brite

Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy is weekly or biweekly individual work with a therapist. Get to know yourself better. Identify and understand patterns (the good and the bad) that impact you. Learn skills needed to maximize your ability to live your life with more balance.

Time-Limited Therapy

You don’t have to solve every problem in your life to feel better in a meaningful way. Want to address a specific issue or goal or develop a set of skills? Time-limited therapy (sometimes also called intensive therapy) may be for you.

Therapy and Consultation for Therapists

Therapists are the ultimate change-makers and Brite is here for you. A significant percentage of Brite clients are therapists themselves. Beth approaches therapy for therapists from a whole-person perspective, working to help therapists align their many roles (and address their unique stressors). Beth also provides ethics and treatment planning consultation for peers.

Speaking and Training for Organizations

Brite helps groups large and small build mentally healthy cultures. Beth provides speaking and training services on a variety of mental health topics such as stress management, positive communication, and the impact of trauma on individuals. She focuses on making the experience enjoyable – and actually usable – for her audiences.

About Me

Hi, I’m Beth.

Hi. I am Beth Burkstrand-Reid. Clinical Social Worker. Mom. Dog rescuer. Native Midwesterner. Hockey fan. I laugh loudly, listen to bad pop music, and love documentaries. I am action-oriented, direct, and optimistic – but also realistic. I believe everyone has superpowers. (Really.) Sometimes people just need help finding them and figuring out how to use them.

My Specialties

Anxiety and Stress Management

Communication and Boundary-Setting Skill Development

Life Transitions for Women and Mothers

Burnout Prevention and Treatment for Therapists and Change-Makers

What to Expect.

Step 1: Reach Out

The first step may not be easy – but completing it is quick! Just reach out. Send an email to Brite via the form below.

Step 2: Let’s Chat

If it looks like a fit, we can set up a quick, no-pressure phone chat. During our chat, we’ll briefly discuss what’s on your mind and talk about the best path for you: traditional therapy or a more focused, solution-based approach.

Step 3: Get Started

Once we’ve got your plan in place, it’s time to begin. We’ll tackle your challenges and work toward navigating life with more confidence and clarity (and, hopefully, more laughter).

Get Started Today

Starting therapy can feel scary. Change isn’t easy. You’ve taken the first step by even looking for a therapist. Brite is here if you want to take the next. If you think Brite may be able to help, please reach out.